"I have had many dealings with Dave at RCQ Comms Ltd over the past 20 years he always gives excellent service both before and after the sale – nothing is too much trouble."

Andy M0CHK

"If you look at g3rcq on ebay you will see over 4500 sales with 100% credit rating, Dave at RCQ Comms Ltd gives a full on service with top notch backup."


"His pricing is always very competitive whether buying or trading in and service is second to none.

I’m more than happy to “bang the drum” for this one man band!"

George G4RNI

"In the Ham Radio world Dave at RCQ Comms Ltd has the name of THE GENTELMAN DEALER because he always treats every customer with the greatest of respect – nothing is to much trouble"


"Hi - I have had quite a few radios and atu's from G3RCQ and found his equipment always as stated. The equipment is always packaged excellent ,in fact better than any other dealer. I would highly recommend G3RCQ."

Gordon MM3GQT

"I have dealt with RCQ Comms several times over the past years and have always been very happy with the equipment and after sales"


"Dave at RCQ Comms Ltd has been trading for over 40 years, maybe longer – ham radio is about communication – and you don’t last long if you give poor service – keep going Dave – the latest receiver you sold me is really good and the link to DX Atlas very useful"

Fred SWL Lincoln

"Since my recent return to amateur radio I have purchased a few items from Dave and the service has been excellent. The descriptions and images on his website are first class and prices very competitive. I will definitely be a returning customer."

John G1RUV

I'm very pleased with the condition of this item, which was even better than it seemed to be, in those good quality photographs of yours. As I have said before, your own description of items for sale is always really good and very accurate. If anything, you describe things as a bit worse than they really are, which is a superbly honest way to run a business!


I have know Dave Cole G3RCQ for many years now. I have visited Dave at his QTH on many occasions. Over the years I have purchased many items from Dave.
From Mast bearings, Morse Keys, Desk Microphones, Power Supplies, ATU's, and my FT 990.Every thing as it should be. Great service.Very many Thanks Dave. 73 Chris G2ABR


CQ all hams... don't go anywhere else before speaking with Dave. you'll regret it... By far the very best UK dealer you'll ever want to spend a pound with.

Good luck Dave.. I love this pro3.... Beautiful rig and the best rig I've ever owned. nothing comes close to it..

Stevie MI0GTA

Really pleased with radio dealt with David before always a good deal Thanks Again Rob M0VBD


Read the reviews people, the service I received was excellent. The best ham radio dealer I have dealt with for a long time.

Norman Simmons

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