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The Watson W-10AM is a 10A PSU which offers a wide appeal and very versatile specification causing it to be one of our best selling power supplies. The compact size and its ergonomic design mean that it just as suited in a ham radio shack as much as it is on a professional service bench. A lot of mobile transceivers and RF amplifiers require a 10 amp and the W-10AM does this perfectly.

The W-10AM features a variable voltage output making it useful for a variety of applications and its front panel control offers smooth control between 0 – 15V DC with a default click stop setting of 13.8V. It has a low ripple voltage making it ideal for audio applications. There are three sets of output terminals with an additional cigar lighter socket which is another feature on an already amazing power supply. A dual analogue meter offers a clear view of the operational settings and the current which which is being drawn, whilst in addition the over current circuit offers protection against short circuits.


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