Vectronics Tuner VC-300DLP


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The VC-300DLP antenna tuner has the same identical features and specs as the VC-300D but does not includes a 21 segment digital barograph display. Both ATU?s feature a peak and average reading cross-needle meter that shows, VSWR, forward and reflected power simultaneously. Antenna tuning is controlled by a 48 position switched inductor and continuous rotation capacitors. An 8 position antenna switch lets you select 2 coax lines, random wire or balanced lines and a built-in dummy load (DLP model only). A 4:1 balun is built-in for connections to balanced lines.
* 1.8 to 30MHz * 300W SSB PEP, 200W continuous * 150W on 1.8MHz * Cross needle VSWR/Power meter * Built-in dummy load * 8 position antenna switch * SO-239 connectors * Size: 260 x 89 x 238mm * Weight: 1.58kg


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