Top Beam 160-80-40 RDF 11.5 A Rotatable Beverage


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This antenna has been in operation at g3rcq for two winter DX seasons – outstanding performance -I have  beverages off 800 ft and this beam is as good as – also it does not pick up local electrical noise – I have it running at 70 ft on one of my towers – prefer collection but may be able to ship – the boom is 40 ft – the current price is around $5000 including shipping to the UK

Included  filtering system together with a desk mount controller for selection of various receive antennas together with selection of TX antenna PLUS PFIU interlock filter

Preamplifier Filter Interlock Unit PFIU

System Features:

  • 160 thru 30 meter receive
  • Boom is 40 ft. and the two loops are 26 x 12 ft. each
  • Wind load approximately 8 sq. ft.
  • RDF is 11.5 dB
  • Vertical signal null up to -50 dB
  • Isolation between bands up to -70 dB on 160-80-40 meters
  • Transmit / receive isolation switch has -100 dB isolation on 160m
  • Remote control ready using standard GPIO lines with interlock
  • Exciter switching up to 200 watts

Additional Information:

  • Easy to install on the tower
  • 50 ohm quality feed line with N connectors required if lines are to be extended
  • Low interaction with HF yagis on the same mast
  • Recommended for quiet locations and mounting at least 90 ft. above ground for 160m (45 ft. minimum for 80m & up)





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