Ten-Tec Argonaut -V1


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In excellent condition and with the original manual – no microphone – this QRP transceiver is fully described in the link below.


Ten Tec Argonaut VI

I am a QRP fan and also a fan of Ten Tec transceivers. I own a Corsair, Scout and Argonaut VI. Ten Tec made some very fine equipment and the 539 is out standing. Things I like: The receiver is outstanding. It is sensitive, has a very low noise floor and the continuously adjustable filter in 25 hertz increments is great for the CW operator. Large, bright display which is easy to read Easy to tune with the large knob – compare to other QRP transceivers Tuning step size is adjustable with the push of a button Plenty of audio for even the weakest signal. Most functions available by switching the TMB switch and pressing the button which corresponds to the function you are interested. Things I don’t care for: Headphone jack and key jack are located on the rear Some button functions are not labeled such as SWR or frequency tuning step size Synthesizer noise while tuning – my 746 Pro and Youkits HB-1B are silent when tuning Over all, this is a fine radio and I would purchase it again. 



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