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Frequency 1 to 60MHz * Power input 3 – 100W (PEP) * VSWR: <1.4:1 (typical) * Antenna: Min length 2.4m 3.5-60MHz, Min length 7m 1-60MHz * Input impedance range 45 – 55 Ohms * Output: Ceramic terminal * DC supply 13.6V DC 0.9A * Fully weatherproof housing * Size: 228 x 228 x 50mm * Weight: 1.7kg

The SG-231 Antenna Coupler is designed to match any random length of wire from 2.4m or longer in the frequency range 3.5 to 60MHz, and 7m and upwards in the range 1 to 60MHz. It is capable of handling 100W (PEP), 50W maximum on CW. It is thus ideal for a wide range of commercial applications including marine and military use and by radio hams around the world who need a simple system that is easy to use on a wide range of frequencies. Only four connections are required: transceiver input, antenna wire, earth connection and 13.6V DC. The SG-231 with its microprocessor control automatically selects inductance/capacitance combinations to achieve a perfect match as soon as RF is fed to it.


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