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Diamond 80/40

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Diamond W-735 Compact 80 – 40m Dipole


This is a dual band antenna that covers 80m and 40m. It does this by virtue of chocke traps. These trap the centre of the antenna off allowing it to operate as a full size 40m dipole. On 80m they operate as loading coils and thus considerably shorten the antenna on this band. The antenna also features Diamond’s 1:1 balun. The whole anenna is rated up tp 1kW and the balun feedpoint is an SO-239 socket.

The overalllength of the antenna is approximately 21m depending on the fine tuning of the end 80m sections. The overall length of the antenna can be rduced if it is erected as an inverted V. With an overalllength of 70ft, if installed as an inverted V it can be fitted into a garden length of around 50ft or so. This makes it one of our most popular LF antrennas for small gardens.


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