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One of the best condition Pro-3’s I have had – still with the screen protector fitted. One owner from new who recently passed away -comes with original box – microphone and DC lead

The Icom 756 Pro III
 Improved Third Order Intercept point of +30dBm 
 Real time spectrum scope (with mini-scope)
The IC-756 Pro II spectrum scope display occupied the lower half of the screen. The IC-756Pro III provides a selectable mini-scope display mode. This allows simultaneous display of the filter, memory-keyer and other menus along with a half-size spectrum-scope display.
 60 Meter 5 MHz Band 
 Improved 1st filter and BPF for reduced distortion
 Preamp changed to a noiseless feedback type to reduce second order distortion.

 New ITU Morse “@” symbol
The new “@” symbol is provided even with the memory keyer enabled.
 Programmable SSB transmit bandwidth
The IC-756 Pro II provided three selectable TOBW settings: WIDE/MID/NAR. The lower and upper -6dB points of the transmitted audio-frequency response are fixed for each setting. In the IC-756Pro III, it is possible to program each of the three settings individually with the following preset cutoff frequencies: Lower -6dB point: 100, 300 and 500 Hz., Upper -6dB point: 2.5, 2.7 and 2.9 kHz.
This permits the operator to configure his own custom WIDE/MID/NAR selections by mixing and matching low and high roll-off points.
 Clock function displays local time and UTC time with time difference indication
 Screen saver function to prolong LCD life and reduce burn-in.


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