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The AT-180 Icom Automatic ATU This automatic antenna tuner is optional for the IC-706MkIIG which does not have its own built-in ATU or the IC-703 which does. The ATU-180 covers 160m to 6m and handles VSWRs up to about 3:1. It does not handle long wire antennas. It is particularly suitable for mobile operation where the effective bandwidth of the mobile antenna can be significantly extended without physically altering the antenna length. The use of the AT-180 permits the transceiver to produce full power output when faced with VSWRs up to 3:1. Connection requires just the supplied accessory lead to be inserted between the rig and AT-180 and the supplied coax patch lead between the transceiver and the AT-180. The 12V DC supply is taken from the back of the transceiver via the accessory lead so no external 12V supply is needed.

* 1.8 – 54MHz
* 100W maximum power
* For the IC-706 & IC-703 transceivers
* Connectors: SO-239
* Power drawn from IC-706 or IC-703 via accessory socket
* Included: 1 x accessory lead; 1 x PL-259 patch lead
* approx. size: 270 x 165 x 60mm



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