Hi-Mound HK-702 Marble type Heavy Base


Equipment Details

Marble type Base

Heavy Base

Good Condition

High Profile Straight Keys   Hi-Mound’s high profile (or “hi-rise”)  straight keys are perfect for sending using the British style, with the forearm in free space in front of the table.  They can of course be used other ways (such as resting the elbow on the table).   The mechanism is essentially the same as found in the low-profile keys, with silver contacts and permanently lubricated bearings. These keys  come with high profile knobs (the classic mushroom shape) but the knob can be replaced with the flat 3/4 inch button. Base dimensions are larger, and the high-profile keys are slightly heavier than their low-profile cousins (except for the Deluxe 808, which is a much heavier key).   Connections can be made to screw terminals on top, or solder lugs concealed in the plastic sub-base.


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