Flexradio 5000A


Equipment Details

With Second Receiver

With Internal Tuner

Free Software

This may be the old model – BUT its truly SUPERB – I really enjoyed testing the software (all FREE) from Flex and from K9ENS. There are many YouTube videos covering the new software from KE9NS, if you watch the grey line and the SFI,A and K index then this is for you. Diversity is 100% OK as is the ability to phase two different antennas either for beam steering or for reducing local QRM – there is so much more. You will need a FireWire Card £9.99 from Maplin and a cable – Follow the instructions for loading – the drivers are embedded in the software and you need to follow the correct sequence – load Flex software first – get it working and then load KE9NS and enjoy. The tranceiver is currently being serviced as the SSB RF output was running at 60 watts – shipping date will be approx 27th Jan 2017. A small deposit will secure.



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