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QRP Software Defined Radio That is Suited to be the Ideal IF Deck for VHF-Microwave Operation.
The latest addition to the “FLEX” family of software defined radios is the FLEX-1500. A low-cost, low-wattage SDR that is positioned to allow ham radio operators the ability to experience the incredible capabilities and just plain fun of operating a software defined radios without breaking the budget. The FLEX-1500 is the quintessential entry-level SDR from the same company that brought you the innovative FLEX-5000™ and FLEX-3000™ software defined radios. The FLEX-1500 comes packed with features that make it ideally positioned to be the ultimate low cost, high performance IF deck for VHF-microwave transverter operation. With a price point set below $700 USD and the continuous improvements and upgrades provided by PowerSDR™, the FLEX-1500 is by far the best value for any entry-level ham radio available today produced by any manufacturer.

In addition to the information listed above and below, there is also an extensive Product Comparison Matrix on the web site that provides side-by-side feature comparison of all FlexRadio Systems fully software defined radios.

The FLEX-1500 is on sale *now* and is slated for delivery in December/January 2010. Order your FLEX-1500 today. Your credit card will not be charged until your radio is shipped to you.
Low Cost Transceiver with Software Defined Radio Features and Performance
This is a common theme for FlexRadio Systems’ software defined radios – a focus on performance and exceptional value. And the FLEX-1500 continues that tradition for a transceiver in the sub $700 price class.

No External Sound Card is Required
Just like all of the software defined radios in the FLEX family, the FLEX-1500 does not require an external sound card for the A/D and D/A conversion, so there are no cumbersome audio cables to mess with. Just a single USB connection to your computer is all you need to operate the FLEX-1500.

Small Form Factor Facilitates Portable Operation
Like its “bigger brother” the FLEX-3000, the FLEX-1500 is a space optimized software defined radio measuring in at approximately 4″ x 6″ x 2″. in an all aluminum case. Designed for all types of operating conditions, the FLEX-1500 is small in size, light weight and has a low power consumption.

High Gain Preamp for Increased Sensitivity.
Sensitivity, not blocking dynamic range is important for a weak signal operation, so the FLEX-1500 will be optimized using low-noise, high gain preamplifiers.
Just Some of the FLEX-1500 Features…
Two-tone, 2 KHz spacing third order dynamic range measured @ 14 MHz TBD*
2 KHz spacing third order intercept point measured @ 14 MHz TBD*
Full HF/6m transmit capability – General coverage receiver

External Connector for connecting an external high precision clock source for ultra high frequency stability needed for VHF+ operation.

A/D and D/A converters operating at a sampling rate of 48 KHz.

Optimized reception for the ham bands and a general coverage receiver.
Selectable output power for transverter IF and “full galon” QRP operation

Simple USB interface to the computer eliminates messy cabling that plagues other QRP software defined radios.

Low power operation requires no external power source – all power is provided via the USB connector.


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