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The Diamond MX-72N is a VHF (140-150MHz) & UHF (400-460 MHz) duplexer, with a power capacity of 400W PEP and impedance of 50 Ohms.

There are two outputs, one is a male N type plug an the other a PL-259 plug attached to 200mm of coax cable from the duplexer base that has an input SO-239 socket.

The Diamond MX-72N measures 45 x 22 x 25mm approx.

The MX-72N duplexer is designed to connect two transceivers on one antenna.

Port-1 (1.6 MHz to 150 MHz) for an HF or VHF radio.
Port-2 (400 MHz to 460 MHz) for a 70 cm band radio


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