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The AR8000 is a highly sensitive hand-held receiver boasting a very wide frequency coverage of 500KHz to 1900MHz without gaps in the range (actual acceptable frequency input from 100KHz). Step size is programmable in multiples of 50Hz for smooth tuning. The all mode reception provides AM,USB,LSB,CW,NFM and WFM. As you might expect from a radio receiver of this calibre, an independent 4.0kHz SSB filter is fitted as standard and the USB/LSB modes use true carrier re-insertion with correctly calibrated frequency read-out (not offset by 1.KHz). A custom manufactured ferrite bar aerial is neatly installed at the top of the receivers cabinet to enhance receive performance when listening in population centres to Medium Wave services or when commentary is provided at airshows and motor sport events. The highly visibility LCD is of adot matrix format which enables many new facilities to be used, many of which have never been seen before especially on a hand held design. Two VFO frequencies may be displayed on the LCD simultaneously, one providing a stand by frequency available for quick transfer (similar to commercial aviation built- in radio transceivers). When frequencies are entered, ALPHANUMERIC comments may be stored along with frequency, mode & attenuator status simplifying the job or recalling and identifying memory channels. The LCD provides four lines of display so that additional facilities may be provided and displayed at the same time, these include a signal strength bar meter and a band-scope showing band occupancy.



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