AOR-8200 Handheld Scanner


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The AR8200 was a totally new design rather than simply an updated model with the all important 8.33kHz airband channel step correctly implemented (eight-and-one-third. 33, 66, 00). Channel steps are provided In a menu and may be programmed in multiples of 50Hz in any mode (i.e. 5kHz, 12.5kHz or even 1.25 kHz). Extensive step-adjust and frequency offset facilities are also provided (as per AR5000} to ensure tracking of the most obscure band plans, AFC is included for spot on tuning ensuring that nothing is missed. A wide frequency coverage is available from 530kHz to 2040MHz (no gaps) with actual minimum acceptable frequency of 100kHz. The RF front-end is preselected around VHF to ensure the highest levels of adjacent channel rejection with software spurii cancellation. The short wave bands are converted directly to an IF of 45 MHz to remove compromise and the AR8200 is supplied with a detachable plug in medium wave bar aerial for localised monitoring with a negative feedback circuit employed


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