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This is the 600 watts 3 valve version – boxed.

Included in the sale is 3 brand new valves – FOR PEACE OF MIND

The Ameritron AL-811 linear amplifier gives you plenty power to bust thru QRM. You get a quiet desktop linear that is so compact it will slide right into your station — you will hardly know it is there … until QRM sets in. Conveniently plugs into your nearest 120 VAC outlet — no special wiring needed.

You get three tough 811A transmitting tubes, extra heavy-duty power supply, all HF band coverage, pressurized ventilation, tuned input, dual illuminated meters, adjustable ALC and more. An Operate/Standby switch lets you run barefoot, but you can instantly switch to full power if needed. A transmit LED tells you when your rig is keying your AL-811. A 12 VDC keying relay makes it compatible with solid state and tube rigs. Built-in back-pulse canceling diode protects your rig’s keying circuit. Shielded RF compartment. One year limited warranty. These products are warranted directly by the manufacturer (MFJ/Ameritron). The transformer is installed and wired for 120 VAC. Draws 8 Amps at 120 VAC. Made in USA.

The Al-811 gives you 600 watts PEP output. 13.75 x 8.65 x 16 inches. Weight: 31 pounds.


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