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Thinking of buying and transceiver or item of equipment from RCQ, worried about you might not like it ?

The answer is simple – use the RCQ BUY BACK scheme – BB  – Only on USED equipment

How it works – at the time you purchase your USED equipment from RCQ Comms Ltd – a trade in value will given, anytime for a full 6 months after date of purchase RCQ will buy back at the agreed trade in value – providing the equipment is in the same condition as sold.

There are NO hidden charges – RCQ arranges and pays for collection of the BB item.

An example – if you purchase an FT-1000MP for £600 the BB will be £450 for up to 6 months after purchase.

If you keep the FT-1000MP for the full period of 6 months – it has cost you 82p per day for the use of the transceiver – think of it as a hire charge and the ability to try new transceivers every six months.

If you like the equipment and are happy – then after six months you keep it – we will still buy it back after the six months but market forces will change the trade in value – probably lower than the original BB sum.

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